Data is Irreplaceable:

We cannot stress enough how important it is to back up your precious pictures, documents or anything else you deem irreplaceable.  When a hard drive goes bad, it can very easily take your pictures and documents with it.  Sometimes they are salvageable, other times they are not.   There are also viruses that directly target these types of files and hold them hostage.  There are occasions where we can retrieve files locked by a virus.  A good anti-virus such as Kaspersky is your best defense against these viruses, which is why it is important to have a good one installed.  But a proper backup should always be in place.

There are many ways to back up your information.  Some are done manually, some are automatic.  We will discuss the pros and cons of each method. The first form of a backup is using an external hard drive, or flash drive.  The process is the same for both these devices.  It is very simple; you navigate to the files or folders that you want to back up.  You will then do a copy and paste the items in the flash drive.  This is a very cost effective way of doing backups, however you have to remember to do it!  *Protip – Remove the flash drive or external hard drive after backing up!!

The second way is to use a program that specializes in making backups such as Acronis.  With Acronis, backups are be done manually or automatically.  It will also do a full system backup, not just your personal files.  If you were to have a hard drive go completely bad, we can use the most current backup image to restore to a new hard drive.  By doing this the computer will be just as it was at the time the last backup was complete.  You are also able to open an image and recover specific files or folders.  The best and safest way is to use an external hard drive.  However once again you have to remember to do the backup.  Acronis can also be setup to backup at a regular interval on its own, but the device that the system is backed up to needs to be always connected.

With a proper backup solution you will never have to worry about any of your data being lost or destroyed.  If you’re interested in getting something set up to protect your data give us a call, or drop on by and we can go into further detail and recommend the best solution for you!