Don’t believe what they say:

You get a call out of nowhere and it’s someone telling you they are calling on behalf of Microsoft to let you know your computer is causing errors.  The person on the other end will go to great lengths to get you to let him/her on your machine.  Do not under any circumstances allow anyone on your computer that you do not fully trust.  You don’t let just anyone into your house, so why should they be allowed into your computer.  This is a scam.  They will steal documents, they will steal passwords, and they will cause way more harm than good. 

The people doing this scam are from all over the world.  India, the Philippines, and yes, even here in the States.  Just a couple of weeks ago a “tech firm” based in Florida was shut down by the FTC for running this kind of scam.  It is said they got away with scamming several million dollars from unknowing victims who bought their worthless repair contracts and software.  So even if the person on the other end has no accent and is saying all the right stuff, remember they are a total stranger and likely trying to scam you.

What should you do if they ever call?  This is an easy one.  Simply tell them you already have someone you trust to maintain and care for your computer.  After you tell them that, they may not call again.  However, there are some who are very persistent.  They will call over and over again.  Tell them they are wasting their time and to stop calling you.

Hopefully this notice finds you before they do.  If it does not, don’t fret and give us a call at (541) 726-7775.